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One-DNA-artificial Turf

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At Next 2 Natural, we deliver top-quality artificial turf products that enhance the look and feel of any outdoor space. Our commitment to quality design coupled with expert installation means that you always get the look you want with a product that best suits and complements the space it occupies. No mowing, trimming, or watering – just sit back and take in the landscape.

Popular artificial turf

In doubt about which type of artificial turf you want? Let our absolute bestsellers convince you. Each and every one of them is popular with our customers. Request samples or make an appointment for a free estimate.


N2N Ultra ONE-DNA™

This sustainably produced and 100% recyclable artificial turf is full-bodied and soft, consisting of a mix of light and darker green piles.


N2N Luxury ONE-DNA™

This luxurious grass features a green root zone and has a very natural look. This sustainably produced grass is made of 100% PE, and can be completely recycled.

N2N Landscape

An ideal artificial turf choice for numerous lawn applications. Full, lifelike quality with a lower height than our other products.

N2N Leisure

A more natural look is achieved with a brown thatch. Medium height and soft touch for a truly unique look.

N2N Pet

With strong and shorter full-body fibers, this pet-friendly artificial turf make a great year-round surface for every member of the family.

N2N Putt

Featuring a deep green color and infill options for optimal ball roll, this turf can be trimmed with longer fibers for the perfect chipping fringe.

ONE-DNA™ artificial turf

One-DNA artificial TurfWant to go beyond product selection? ONE-DNA™ artificial grass represents more than just a purchase; it’s a deliberate choice for sustainability, quality, and responsibility. Our products are carefully designed to shape a better future, with deep regard for the environment, your health, and future generations.

Embrace the future with ONE-DNA™ artificial grass—an investment that’s both sustainable and long-lasting. It maintains its value in terms of performance and environmental impact, offering a responsible choice. Together, we can drive meaningful change!

ONE-DNA Circular-artificial turf

Durable, Economical & Safe

Stop wasting money on lawn care and maintenance. Save money on your water bill. Make the switch to a high-quality artificial turf lawn from Next 2 Natural. We think you will be impressed enough by the natural look and feel of our turf to want to know more. We want to provide you with the perfect artificial turf to fit your needs and match how the space will be used.

All our turf products are safe for children and pets with an 8 – to 10 year warranty.

Natural looks

Very Strong

Low Maintenance

100% Safe

8 – to 10 year warranty

Why Artificial Turf?

Natural grass can be an undesired ongoing expense. The cost of watering the lawn is higher than ever and may not even be allowed in periods of drought. With all that in mind, now could be the perfect time to consider installing artificial turf. Next 2 Natural gets rid of the need to water, mow, and fertilize your lawn and eliminates those expenses from your landscaping budget.

An artificial turf lawn is a beautiful, low- maintenance alternative that can save you considerable amounts of money over time. Some localities even offer incentives to decrease water usage, making turf an even more attractive option.


Commitment To Excellence

As artificial turf specialists, we can take care of every project from start to finish, from advice to realization and from design to professional installation of artificial turf. We are only satisfied when you are. That is why we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Approach

We take the hassle out of making the best solution for your situation. Step by step towards a green lawn, year round!

Step 1: Advice

Installing artificial turf is specialized work. Every garden, every household and every need is different. Together we will discover what you need.

Step 2: Quotation

We will provide a custom quote for the installation of your artificial lawn, tailored to your needs, capabilities and requirements.

Step 3: Installation

We install your artificial turf what you have chosen. We finish it all to perfection with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Step 4: Carefree enjoyment

Enjoy your lawn year-round with minimal maintenance and a 15-year warranty. And if there are unexpected problems or questions? Then we are here for you.


We have the experience and expertise to install artificial turf products for both residential and commercial customers. From small to big lawns, to even the most ambitious of landscaping projects, we have the know-how to recommend and install the best possible turf for your project. Expert designers are waiting to help transform your lawn, playground, and much more into a perpetually beautiful, low maintenance landscape for any season. Our dedicated team can help with each step of the process from the initial design to installation and beyond.

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We specialize in natural artificial turf for commercial and residential markets and are engaged in the installation and sale of artificial turf for gardens, indoor and outdoor sports, elementary schools, playgrounds and roof terraces.

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